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St. Augustine School is one of the parochial schools belonging to the Diocese of Imus under the Education Board and leadership of the Bishop of Imus.  It is one of the active members of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) and other prominent educational organizations in the province of Cavite.  It is an integral part of St. Augustine Parish.

 St. Augustine School originated from a project sponsored by the Apostleship of Prayer of the Parish in 1959 and named, the Apostleship of Prayer Catholic Center.  The organization spearheaded multifarious fund-raising campaigns in the forms of solicitation letters, benefit shows, concerts, benefit luncheon, caroling, and others to be able to construct the first building, a one-room construction with rooms for future expansion.

After four (4) years of hard work, difficulties, and struggles, the CATHOLIC YOUTH CENTER, founded on love, perseverance, cooperation, patience, endurance, faith and generosity, was ultimately finished through the concerted efforts of Fr. Jose Sugay and the newly organized Catholic Women’s League.  

One of the main objectives of the Catholic Center was the Christian formation of the young people, to give the youth constructive activities, to draw them closer to the Church, strengthen their faith, and make them active in parish work.  However, it was believed that this formation will be more effective, will work deeper, and make stronger formation, if it will start at the very young age. Hence, a Kindergarten school was conceived.  It was formally opened in S.Y. 1964 - 1965 under the administration of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters with eighty-six (86) pupils.  It was named St. Augustine School in honor of the Parish Patron Saint.  It has a very special distinction as the first Catholic School in the community and in the Upland Cavite under the ownership of the Bishop of the Diocese of Imus.  (Msgr. Artemio Casas, being the first Bishop of the Diocese.)

The Augustinian Sisters acted as the faculty members in its initial operation.  It was only in 1968 when the school hired its first lay teachers. Even before the first school year ended, there was a clamor from the parishioners for the expansion and completion of the elementary levels. The school eventually became popular among the neighboring towns of Indang, Tagaytay, Silang, Amadeo and Alfonso.

In the S. Y. 1970-71, the school was awarded the Government Recognition for the complete Elementary Course; the year when the first Graduation Day took place and at the same time, the administration of the school was endorsed to the Shepherdess Sisters under Sr. Mary Edward Parcero as the Principal.  The congregation managed the school for twelve (12) years. The school continued to grow and became more popular as a Catholic Institution offering quality education and served not only the children of Mendez, but also those of the neighboring towns of Indang, Alfonso, Tagaytay, Amadeo and Silang.  

In 1981, the school was turned over to the Diocese of Imus and Fr. Redentor S. Corpuz, the Regional Superintendent of Catholic Schools in Region IV, was appointed Director/Principal.  In S.Y. 1988–1990, the supervision and management of the school was delegated to Rev. Fr. Alexander Francisco, the then parish priest, as the Director-Principal.  Under the leadership of Fr. Alex, the Parents-Teachers Association was strengthened and with its full support, two-storey building was constructed for additional rooms with individuals comfort rooms.  Before the end of S.Y. 1991 – 1992, Rev. Fr. Gerardo Clavero, the parish priest, took over the administration of the school.

The school, responding to the desires and needs of the parents and community to continue the Catholic education of their children and to lessen the degree of risks and costs of educating their children to other towns and schools, assumes the responsibility to meet these urgent needs and challenges.  And  St. Augustine School, Secondary level, under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Gerardo Clavero, the parish priest/school director  was established in S.Y.1992 – 1993 in response to the long-time clamor of the parents for Catholic high school.  This was finally completed through the efforts of Fr. Redentor S. Corpuz who re-assumed directorship after Fr. Gerry Clavero.  It was in S.Y. 1994-1995 when the first Lay Principal, Mrs. Lorena P. Viado was appointed.  The First Commencement Exercises of the High School Department took place on March 29, 1996 with Fr. Reuel C. Castañeda as the School Director.  Forty-nine students graduated, most of them had been in the school for eleven years.

In S.Y. 1997-1998, with Fr. Reuel Castañeda, as the School Director and Mrs. Lorena P. Viado, a three-storey building was constructed at the western portion of the lot which houses the library at the basement and two additional classrooms for the upper ground and second level.  

In welcoming the new millennium, S.Y. 1999 - 2000, the institution made another breakthrough, that of constructing an enormous gymnasium that can accommodate a thousand people.  Located at the lower western portion of the School Compound, it is reached through a concrete stairway of more than 60 steps.  It is a very much welcomed innovation to a sport minded school well known for developing the best athletes in the district of Mendez, who can compete as far as the Southern Tagalog Region Athletic Association (STRAA) meet and the Palarong Pambansa.  

S.Y. 2003 – 2004 welcomed Rev. Fr. Antonio J. Laureta as the new School Director.  Another transformation in terms of physical facilities was conceived.  There was a major facelift.  The façade of the school was modernized vis-à-vis the construction of the Administration building which houses the administration offices at the ground level and the Library and Multi-purpose Hall in the second level.  The room at the basement which used to be the Library was converted to the Speech Laboratory and Audio-visual room. Though it entailed much sacrifices on the part of the administration which is financially constrained, construction was completed with funds generated from donations of book suppliers, fund raising campaigns, and loans from bigger sister schools.  

Rev. Fr. Michael Reuben R. Cron, took over the administration and management after Rev. Fr. Antonio J. Laureta.  Vis-à-vis the refurbishment of the physical plant is a transformation in the educational system.  The Diocesan School Board of Trustees was created to systematize the educational program of the Diocesan schools. Fr. Alain P. Manalo seated as the Superintendent of the Parochial Schools after the demise of Fr. Redentor S. Corpuz in August 5, 2011.  It was during Fr. Alain’s superintendency when the systematization of the parochial schools come to a full blast.

Rev. Fr. Ariel M. Lisama served as the School Director from S.Y. 2012-2015.  IT Innovations, especially in the management of finances was introduced.  It was also during his time when the institution celebrated its 50th Foundation Anniversary with a year-round program of activities mostly outreach activities to the parish like: Dalaw Patron and Birhen (visit of students and teachers to sick alumni and indigent families), kasalang bayan, binyagang bayan, 50 @ 50 (school-based tutorials in core subject areas and Christian Living lesson to public school children, and many more.   The institution expects more years of progress and success as the Diocese of Imus Catholic Educational System (DICES) is in its full blast.

S.Y. 2016 – 2017 marks another milestone in the history of St. Augustine School as it opens the Senior High School program as the government implements its K to 12 program starting S.Y. 2012-2013.  Three strands of the academic track (General Academic, Accountancy, Business and Management, Humanities and Social Science) is being offered.  Additional strand, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) was offered for S.Y. 2017-2018. By the second semester of S.Y. 2018-2019, Mrs. Teresita G. Arizobal assumed the principalship after the retirement of Mrs. Lorena P. Viado who served the school for twenty-eight (28) years.

With Rev. Fr. Allan C. Valero at the helm, he looks back with wonder at the trials she has triumphantly championed, confident that nothing is insurmountable with Augustinian spirit.  Through the years, St. Augustine School has tremendously changed.  It has developed into a progressive educational institution.  It has already achieved distinction of producing a remarkable number of successful graduates in the different fields of endeavors.   It is our prayer that in the years to come, St. Augustine School will continue to grow, to guide and to mold the school children become better and responsive Christian citizens of the country.